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The Imperfect Gentleman 
on an Unimagined Journey

Imran Ahmad

The Imperfect Gentleman - front cover only.jpg

Imran Ahmad thought that life was clear and unambiguous, good-and-bad, Heaven-and-Hell – as long as you had a solid moral foundation and rational beliefs based on the application of reason to empirical observation.  Apparently, this was an oversimplification.


The Perfect Gentleman (originally published as Unimagined) has touched the hearts of readers all over the world and received an astonishing breadth of acclaim from all quarters.   For years, readers have been impatient for this, the long-overdue sequel … The Imperfect Gentleman.


With searing clarity, breathtaking honesty and a unique structure which encompasses stunning story arcs that span decades, Imran Ahmad explores what it is to be human – imperfect, insecure, superficial, sometimes ignorant, perhaps arrogant – in a world of extremes and narrow-minded convictions.  A beautiful, complex, multilayered, often surprising world in which there are many versions of humanity for him to discover … and Time is merely a means of organising our understanding. The boy who grew up wanting to be the perfect gentleman learns that nothing is quite so black-and-white in reality, and that no life can be lived in only a single genre.


Written in a unique ‘multi-genre’ style, this unimagined journey is guaranteed to provoke and fascinate, as it explores the possibility that nothing we hold as absolute Truth may actually be so. And that those whom we hate may actually be worthy of our deepest love.

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"... better than the first book!"

(says everyone who has read it)

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