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The Gentle Man 
taking the Path Unimagined

Imran Ahmad

in progress

Just Sadaf Painting.jpg

“You have spent your whole life with elegant speeches.  For some time, you should walk alone in the gardens of silence.”



acylic on canvas

30 x 30 inches

Sadaf Farasat

Imran in Sadaf painting.JPG
  • Raw content compiled – but amazing stuff keeps happening!  It may be impractical to keep this Trilogy to only three books.  Five books seems more likely. 


  • Quantum Physics meets Metaphysics – but all in a very readable (serious/funny) personal journey, as engaging narrative non-fiction. 


  • Extraordinary and stunning story arcs over an entire lifetime (nearly)!  The narrator of the first book would be shocked and amazed by the unfolding of events in the third book.  


  • Delivery with the right Editor. 


  • All global rights available. 

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