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… Imran … examines who he really is in a series of compelling stories that, taken together, demonstrate how it is possible to change attitudes and beliefs even when one is adult. It leaves one with a feeling of Hope for humanity, so needed in the dark times we are living through.’ 

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

UN Messenger of Peace


'We were delighted to welcome Imran back to Hampton to hear his excellent talk.  His words, funny and wise, were enjoyed greatly by colleagues and pupils alike.  The latter in particular were fascinated to hear how much British society has changed for the better and to be able to reflect upon some of the important and profound life lessons Imran shared.'
Mark Nicholson – Deputy Head

Hampton School, Hampton, Middx



‘Imran Ahmad’s book, The Perfect Gentleman, is a very enjoyable and pertinent book for Year 9 and above.  Many reviews talk about its “readability” – this is absolutely spot-on.  The steady evolution of the narrative voice as the first-person protagonist gets older ensures its accessibility to a range of ages and experiences.  The immersion into the details and texture of life at each age/year is vivid and extraordinary. 

Imran’s ‘narrative performance’ on stage is absolutely riveting and delivered with raw passion and energy.  From giving the students a jaw-dropping insight into late 20th Century Britain – encyclopedias, UHF televisions, endemic discrimination, Orientalism in the Narnia stories, women’s rights (or lack thereof) – to his pursuit of Belonging (“being British”) by adopting a 'James Bond' persona in his worldwide travels … and how this all changed after 9/11.

Imran weaves a narrative tapestry of his life and his challenging publishing journey, and from this he extracts brilliant life lessons which are absolutely pertinent to the student audience (and the teachers!).  As he says: “I wish that someone had told me these things when I was your age.”

The entire package of Book + Narrative Performance + Discussions has a sharp relevance far beyond Year 9 English – encompassing Religious Studies (very broadly), Sociology, Modern History, Citizenship, PSHE and so on – and being of interest all the way up through sixth form and teachers too! 

Going forward, what I think will work best for us is one full hour of the high-energy narrative performance in the morning for the widest audience, followed by smaller group discussion sessions/workshops for the rest of the day.  I hope that Imran will be able to make an annual visit to our school.’

Gemma Price​​​​ – Head of English & Media
The Thetford Academy, Thetford, Norfolk


'Imran's visit was truly inspirational for our students. Firstly, he talked to our whole Year 9 cohort about his book, The Perfect Gentleman, and his journey to becoming a published author which was an enlightening and engaging experience.  Imran captivated the students with his candid storytelling, offering a unique glimpse into his personal experiences and the challenges he had faced.  His approachable demeanour and genuine passion for writing inspired many students to consider their own creative pursuits.  Imran followed this with several small workshop sessions which were particularly well-received, allowing students to delve deeper into his writing process and the themes of his book.  Imran's visit was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on our students and encouraging a greater appreciation for literature and the art of storytelling.'

Michelle Birbeck  English Teacher

Pleckgate High School, Blackburn, Lancashire


‘Thank you for coming in!  Several of the year 10's thoughts and feedback on your talk was very positive.  All found you to be interesting and a number of the boys found your message about work to be insightful.  A number of our year 10 students were so interested in your story that they have said they want to read your book!  I also had two year 9 girls come find me at lunch, they wanted to get a photo with you, but were too shy to stay behind like the others.  I would definitely look to bring you in again to speak to our year 10 cohort of 2026 if you are still around – this age group really seemed to absorb your message and find your life lessons valuable.’

Marissa Collova – Teacher of Science| Head of PSHE, EDI & RSE 
The Matthew Arnold School, Staines, Middlesex 


‘I loved this book. I accidentally left the library's copy of the book at school and was so devastated that I paid $12 to download it onto my Nook so I could finish. This coming from someone who hasn't paid for a book in 2+ years.
The book is funny, honest, and discusses topics like racism and religion in ways that encourage the participation and critical thinking of the reader. For my ESL students, the beginning chapters are short enough to be manageable in one sitting. The book will also appeal to more reluctant readers and students, especially because the author himself admits to going through stages of academic reluctance himself.
I definitely plan to recommend this book to students for summer reading and use excerpts in class next year.’

Karen M – High School English and ESL Teacher (English as Second Language)
Boston, MA, United States


‘… one of the most interesting social commentaries in the guise of a memoir I’ve ever read … heavy material is explored within a mostly lightweight framework and it seamlessly flows in, out, and through more mundane and secular elements of everyday life. Refreshingly, Ahmad is effortlessly humorous, never breaking a sweat while revealing humor in everyday events and situations. … his observations are delightfully askew and above all insightful.  This is an amazingly easy read, yet is as thoughtful and provocative a book as I have read in recent memory.’ 
Bruce Cline – writer, military veteran
Denver, Colorado


'Imran held our audience in the palm of his hand for a full hour, entranced and amused by his literary journey.

Our customer Theo said: "I have attended over 40 Author events at Nantwich Bookshop over the years and Imran's talk was one of the very best!"

Get Imran to your shop, you and your customers will not regret it!'   (Event – March 2024)

Steve Lawson – Co-Owner, Nantwich Bookshop, Nantwich, Chesire


'Our customers who came to hear you talk thought that you were one of our best speakers yet.  One said: "Second only to Kate Mosse last year."  [Imran: 'The supermodel?']

I found your talk so interesting, entertaining and very funny.  Loved the references to James Bond.  Wish you all the very best in many sell out events.'   (Event – March 2024)

Denise Lawson – Co-Owner, Nantwich Bookshop, Nantwich, Chesire


‘Imran held schools workshops in which the children and teachers alike were engaged, spellbound, and deeply moved.  His uplifting and inspirational message has universal resonance – regardless of background, culture or ethnicity.  He's also very, very funny.’

Paula Truman – Schools Workshop Organiser

Morley, Leeds


‘Imran gave a tremendous speech ... He speaks from the heart, is entertaining and engaging – and is a first-rate public speaker.’

Barbara Herts – Former CEO YoungMinds


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